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Close up of a gas boiler


We aim to provide a safe, high quality service to repair and maintain the equipment included in this agreement.

The following terms and conditions are for the care plans as detailed below between you the customer and us the contractor Boilers R Us subject to a health check at £50.00 + vat. This is non-refundable.

What your agreement provides: 

Labour & Parts for repairs depending on the level of cover you have chosen.

3 Call outs a year before a charge is incurred.

24 Hour customer helpline.

Advice regarding your system from our qualified engineers.

No excess fees or hidden charges.

There are three levels of service as follows:

Care Plan A

Annual Service of your boiler and a landlord’s certificate if applicable.

Free parts & labour on Boiler components

Care Plan B

Annual Service of your boiler and a landlord’s certificate if applicable.

Free parts & labour on Boiler components

Boiler controls including room thermostats and programmers.

Care Plan C

Annual Service of your boiler and a landlord’s certificate if applicable.

Free parts & labour on Boiler components

Boiler controls including room thermostats and programmers.

External controls including pumps, motorised valves and radiator valves.

Hot Water cylinder including the immersion and cylinder stat.

If your boiler is seven years old or more and is deemed to be beyond economical repair and you choose to replace it at any time, you are entitled to

Up to £250.00 off on any boiler this cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer we are currently running. Boiler brands currently on special offer will be charged at full price plus VAT.

Exclusions to the service and maintenance contract

Adjustments to time and temperature controls including replacing batteries.

Replacement of decorative valves including towel rail valves and radiator valves.

Domestic hot and cold-water supplies and plumbing works including showers.

Existing faults to the heating system not apparent upon the original health check.

Pipework including underfloor heating.

Boiler Flues.

Defects arising from neglect or 3rd party intervention.

Defects arising from fire, lightning, explosion, storms, frost, impact or an “Act of god”.

Defects arising from power failure or interruption of gas or water supplies.

Any work arising from hard water scale or system contamination.

Removing sludge from the system including power flushing.

Unvented cylinders or any unvented spares.

Replenishment of chemicals to the system.

Gaining access to the appliance which is not deemed as reasonable including removal or cupboards or other such obstacles.

Redecoration where repairs are made such as excavations.

Smart Controls.

About your agreement

Domestic Use

Boilers R Us Service Care agreements are only available for appliances in domestic use in your home.  If you own a domestic property which you let out, we will offer you a Property Care agreement only (please see the Property Care section).

Period of agreement

Your agreement runs until you tell us that you would like to cancel, or if we cancel the agreement (please see the cancellation section).

You may cancel this agreement at any time.  We will write to you to tell you about any changes to the terms and conditions or prices.  We may also cancel the agreement at any time, if we give you reasonable notice.  If you pay each year in advance (Cash, Debit or Credit card) instead of by monthly direct debit and cancel the agreement, there will be a minimum payment of £150.00 if we have completed work or an inspection.  If you have a property care agreement and we have provided you with a record, you will not receive a refund of our charges for providing you with this record.

Spare Parts

If we do not carry the required part for your boiler or system on the day, we use a central stock of approximately 25,000 spares which means we can acquire most items the following working day.  Otherwise we will do our utmost to source the part(s) from a local supplier.  We may also use approved alternative parts or those that have been reconditioned by the manufacturer in order to restore the heating or hot water.

We will endeavour to fix your boiler, however if the repairs exceed £300.00 for materials and labour or the parts are obsolete the contract will be cancelled and a discount of up to £250.00 will be offered towards the cost of a new boiler.

If your boiler is over ten years old, parts may be scarce and the likelihood of the boiler failing again will be a lot higher therefore this may be deemed as beyond economical repair and again a discount of up to £250.00 will be offered towards the cost of a new boiler.

Property Care

Landlords Gas Safety Record

This service is available to landlords whom let out properties for domestic use and can be used in conjunction with any of the care plans.

Legal Requirements

By law, landlords must have gas appliances in properties they let checked for safety every 12 months.  They should also hold a current gas safety record as proof.

Annual Service

We can carry out the inspections that are needed at the same time as a gas safety and maintenance inspection.  We will only check and issue a gas safety record for the appliance(s) covered under your care plan agreement.  Any other gas appliances in the rented property can be individually serviced or inspected for an extra cost.

After the necessary inspections on the selected gas appliances, we will give you in writing a gas safety record showing that we have carried out a safety inspection which will include any faults found and any repairs required.

If either you the customer or us Boilers R Us cancel the agreement after this has been carried out, you will not receive a refund for the gas safety record provided.

Access to your property

It is your responsibility to allow us access to your property.  If we cannot enter to carry out the necessary work, we will inform you and arrange another appointment.  If after 3 attempts we still cannot gain access, we may cancel your agreement.  We will write to you if this is the case.

Using personal information

Information you provide or we hold about you may be used by us or our agents for the following: –

Identify you when you contact us.

Help run and contact you about the improved running of any accounts, services and products we have provided previously or are providing in the future.

Transactional information means what you buy from us and how you pay for it.  For example, usage rates and any discounts we have offered you.

To provide services that you have asked for: –

If we have been asked to provide information for legal or regulatory purposes or as part of current or future legal proceedings.

From time to time there may be people and organisations that are outside the European Economic area in countries that do not have the same standards of protection for personal data as the uk.

Third Party Rights

No one other than you will be able to benefit from this agreement.  This cannot be passed on to someone else without our prior consent.

Our Responsibilities

We will meet our responsibilities under this agreement within a reasonable time unless it is impossible for us to do.  This is because of circumstances beyond our control.

Start Date

Your agreement begins when we have processed your application and you have been accepted after a boiler health check has been passed by our engineers.

Initial Safety Inspection

If you choose central heating or boilers and control care, we will inspect your system or appliance (or both) to make sure they are safe and in good working order.  Your Boilers R Us service engineer will fill in an initial safety inspection checklist to show you what he or she has checked.  This is a boiler health check.  We must carry this out prior to processing your application.  This is at a cost of £50.00 + vat.  We do accept boilers that are over seven years old and/or those that haven’t been regularly serviced.

We will normally do this inspection within 28 days or at the beginning of your agreement where possible, but as we give priority to breakdowns, it can be later if there is a high demand for our services.  If the inspection reveals a problem, we may: 

Tell you what work is required and the cost of the work to be carried out.

Offer you an agreement which will not include the parts causing the problem

Cancel the agreement and refund you the money.

We will not carry out an initial safety inspection if we have already carried this out in the last twelve months.

Safety and Maintenance Inspection

We will normally carry out the gas service and maintenance inspection at the same time as the initial inspection.  If we do not carry this out as we have done this within the last twelve months, we will normally arrange for your first safety and maintenance 12 months from the date we last inspected your system.

After that we will continue to service your boiler annually around the same day as previously done where possible, depending on our workload and your appointment preferences.

If we can gain access to your property, we will always check to make sure the system is safe.  You can call us at anytime to arrange or rearrange your safety and maintenance inspection on 020 8859 5497 (Option 1).


We will cancel your agreement for the following reasons: –

You have given us false information.

If we find something wrong on the initial inspection of the boiler health check

We are not reasonably able to find parts to keep your system or appliance working.

Circumstances, that may arise including health and safety issues which make it inappropriate for the contract to continue.

You have failed to keep up with your monthly payments, you will not be covered in the period you haven’t paid.  You are again covered when payment has been made.

If we cancel your agreement, we will:

Give you a refund based on how long is left of any 12 months advance cash, cheque credit or debit card payment.  There will be a minimum payment of £150.00 a year if we have completed work or an inspection.

You may cancel your agreement within 7 working days starting from the day after you have received a written confirmation of your agreement with us.  You will receive a full refund of any money paid (As long as no work has been carried out), except for the boiler health check which is non-refundable.

You may also cancel your agreement immediately, either after letting us know about changes in prices or terms and conditions or if we fail to do something which we should have done.  In this case, you will receive a refund based on how much time is left of the 12-month period, or if you agree we will put things right and continue the contract.  You may cancel your agreement at any time.  If you do so after we have carried out an inspection or any other work and you have paid less than £150.00 in the last 12 months at the time you cancel, we may charge you an additional fee to bring your total payments up to the agreement fee of £150.00.  This is subject to an inspection, or if you have a property care agreement and we have provided you with a gas safety record, you will not receive a refund of our charges for providing you with this record.

When parts are required to be changed under your care plan, parts are not guaranteed to be replaced like for like and replaced with BoilersRus stock.

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