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Working hours

The customer shall give access within Boilers R us normal working hours. If the engineer has not completed the new boiler installation by 5pm this will be at no extra cost on your agreed quotation. If the work is completed earlier then scheduled the quotation will still remaining the same as a fixed price on installations. On a repair if the engineer works into the 2nd hour this is an extra charge at our hourly rate and every hour after.

Programme of work

Every effort will be made to meet the requirements of the customer, but no guarantee can be given of the date of the commencement or completion of the work. Boilers R us accepts no responsibility for any delay in the execution of the work, or damage of any inconvenience caused, due to labour disputes, fire, accident non delivery or shortages or materials. Provided that Boilers R us decision to attempt the work was made in good faith.

Making good etc

Whilst every care will be taken by Boilers R us, they accept no responsibility for any damage to plaster work, decorations, flooring, walls, roof etc. Necessarily consequent Upon the execution for the work unless specifically provided in your quotation. Boilers R us will not be held responsible for any electronic equipment or personal belongings left in places which are hazards to potentially getting damaged. Cuts or holes made to allow for the equipment will be made good but if pipe work is agreed to be routed underfloor flooring will not be permanently fix or replaced.

Installation carried out by Boilers R us

  1. The works can be undertaken by Boilers R us without any interruption or delay by the customer. Any other trades beyond the control of Boilers R us who affect the installation such as gas, electrical and water supply companies should do so and only when the issues are rectified, we will continue the installation. Boilers R us will not be liable for any hold ups caused by a third party and will not take any responsibility for the works they carry out. Should the gas pressure from the street is found insufficient upon commissioning, it is the customer responsibility to contact your gas supplier. Please note this will halt the installation until the issue has been rectified.
  2. Any works in relation to asbestos materials including the removal or/and isolation of asbestos, will not be the responsibility of Boilers R us. The customer must contact a specialist licenced contractor who is approved to remove asbestos. Unless agreed on your written quotation.
  3. We require that every installation should have safe access to the flue and other equipment needed to complete the installation. If special measures beyond our scope are needed, such as scaffolding this will be a chargeable extra.
  4. It is the customers responsibility to remove carpets, lino, and any floor coverings prior to the estimated date of installation. In the event the customer does not provide the access needed for the installation to continue, the engineers will provide access themselves, however Boilers R us will not take any responsibility for any damaged caused by the uplift of flooring, unless this is stated in your agreed quotation.
  5. We will always endeavour to identify and highlight issues at surveying stage, but we cannot accept any responsibility for existing structural defects or deficiencies in any portion of the building, including walls, roofs, ceilings, and beams. BoilersRus try our best to prevent any changes on the installation date, however changes can be made by the engineer on site with the authorised person / homeowner if the engineer is unable to carry out the work quoted for i.e. boiler position/ gas pipes/ external controls. BoilersRus will not be held responsible for any changes made after the installation is complete.
  6. Where insulation and / or other works are to be carried out in the loft space the customer will need to clear all areas making the area safe for the engineer to carry out the installation/repair.
  7. We will survey to the standard required however we will assume the existing system and equipment is all in good working order and no issues should arise on draining down the system, refill, and venting. No responsibility is taken by Boilers R us when found that the existing system is not to the required standard and causes any component of the system to be ineffective. This includes any existing pipe work leaking due to going onto mains pressure, blockages on existing pipe work, radiators not working due to existing pipe work and existing radiator valves not working. Boilers R us will also not be held responsible for any taps, showers etc.
  8. Please be aware after installation and connecting to mains pressure small leaks can appear due to the pressure, this also includes powerflushing. Powerflushing is recommended when installing a new boiler if the system is visible to sludge, a chemical flush is included in your quotation in accordance to manufacture requirements, a powerflush is a chargeable using a professional kamco machine. Powerflushing will not clear a blockage in your existing system and BoilersRus will not be held responsible if a powerflush is carried out and the issue has not been rectified. Powerflushing can be required after a new boiler has been installed, this will not be included in your installation quotation and will be chargeable. Please notify BoilersRus within 14 days after your installation if any radiators are not working in your property. After the 14 day period a return visit will be chargeable at a reduce rate and after 6 months a booking for a radiator not working after a installation will be booked as a breakdown / diagnostic engineer at our full rate.
  9. The quotation includes making good, in holes, walls, ceilings which have made to install new pipe work/flues this will be made good to a plaster finish only. The customer shall be responsible for all other making good or decoration this includes radiators, pipe work, walls, ceilings, floors, linen cupboards and boxing in pipe work and wiring. No additions or alterations will be made unless specified.
  10. If a leak appears, Boilers R us should be notified as your first port of call to diagnose the problem as we will not be held responsible for any third party carry out plumbing work in the property prior to our attendance. If a leak is left and Boilers R us are not notified and further damage is caused to the property Boilers R us will not be held responsible for any cost to repair or compensation. The customer is responsible to try stop the leak using the stopcock or placing a bucket or towel around this to reduce any damage caused. If the leak is on existing pipe work but we have attended to carry out any work Boilers R us will not be held responsible and will be chargeable.
  11. Public liability insurance is maintained for any accidental damage to the property caused by the company (Boilers R us), or its employees. This cover is extended to the customer in full, subject to any conditions and exclusions set out in the policy, full details of which are available on request and deemed to be incorporated herein.
  12. Other than where a claim is covered by insurance, the company’s liability for any loss or damage howsoever caused, shall be limited to a maximum sum that does not exceed the stated invoice price of the contracted works, excluding VAT.
  13. If you do not understand how to control your heating using the thermostat and require an engineer this is chargeable, BoilersRus are not responsible for changing batteries, adjusting the times, and returning to show you how to operate the thermostat.
  14. Low pressure is not covered under your warranty with the manufacture or BoilersRus, customers can top the water pressure up and if you require an engineer this is booked in as a chargeable job.
  15. Thermostats and boiler clocks are not covered under the manufacture guarantee. Any controls fitted by boilersRus only comes in with a 12 month fitting warranty. If the control becomes faulty after 12 months this is chargeable. Unless the control is a manufacture product and covered under their guarantee. It is the customers responsibility to contact the manufacture.

Cancellation of Installation

If you have accepted an installation quotation and paid a deposit and then decide to cancel your installation BoilersRus have the right to deduct £100.00 off your deposit payment and is non refundable.

If you decide on the day of installation that you no longer what the product you accepted, we have the right to deducted £300.00 off your deposit payment, this is non-refundable.


  1. Subject as mentioned below, Boilers R us guarantee all equipment supplied and fixed for a period of 12 months from the date of completion of the work, Boilers R us undertakes to repair or replace the same as its option in the event of them becoming defective and / or remedy any defects which are found to be due to faulty workmanship within that period, fee of cost, unless otherwise specified in the quotation. Boilers R us does not cover drain clearance. 
  2. Boilers R us guarantee does not cover any temporary repairs, Boilers R us guarantee does not cover defects due to wear and tear, the replacement of lamps or fuses, or any causes beyond the control of Boilers R us.
  3. If any repairs, alterations or additions to the equipment, installations and/or apparatus are carried out by any person who has not been specifically authorised by Boilers R us then the guarantee shall be null and void. 
  4. Boilers R us register your boiler product with the manufacture after your new installation. Boilers R us are your first port of call to discuss any boiler issues, if the fault is found to be a manufacture fault, then the customer is responsible for contacting the manufacture directly to arrange a visit with you under your guarantee. 
  5. Low water pressure is not covered under your guarantee, including the 12-month fitting warranty. 
  6. Existing External controls connected onto your system are also not under Boilers R us guarantee or the manufacture. An additional charge will be applied to return. 
  7. Boiler flue, extensions and bends only have a 12-month fitting warranty dated from the installation date. The flue is not covered under the manufacture guarantee. The seals can become wear and tear and can cause corrosion any time after the installation. If you do require a new flue this is chargeable.

Extra cost

On installation if the customer requests any additional work which has not been agreed on the quotation, the engineer will contact Boilers R us to confirm a quotation which will be sent via email to confirm before the extra work is carried out. If the engineer requires changes to the job spec and further materials are needed this will be at an additional charge and you will be informed before the engineer proceeds. Boilers R us will not be liable for undersize gas pipes, if an upgrade is required to pass the readings and commission the boiler then the customer will be charged. Boilers R us will do their up best to complete the work in the day/days quote, if further works are required a schedule return visit will be made.

Terms of payment

A 50% deposit is payable on confirmation of an installation/additional work/repair. The remaining balance, which includes any additions or variations to the works quoted, is paid on the day of completion. Payment will be deducted on completion on the same payment method unless stated by the customer. If payment is not made within 28 days of the completed work, there will be a late payment fee added to your final bill of 10% of the overall invoice price. Failure to comply with our terms and late payments further action will be taken. The full installation package (including all equipment and materials) whether they have been installed or not will remain the property of Boilers R us until full payment of the installation has been received. If these terms are not complied with the company is entitled to fully recover the materials and equipment used in the quotation accepted by the customer. The customer will authorise this by accepting the quotation, that the company will be able to enter the customers premises and remove the materials and equipment without entailing any liable action. As a customer you have 30 working days to inform us that the appliance or parts installed were not as stated on your quotation, in which we will request proof. After this 30-day period appliances & parts will not be refunded or exchanged.

After installation

The customer is responsible to be at the property when the engineer completes the work, if you are not satisfied then the customer needs to contact the office straight away. BoilersRus request 48 hours after the installation has been completed to notify the office of any discrepancies, i.e. stains, damage and tears during your installation. We request that images are sent by email to [email protected]

Boilers R us will not be held reliable for later changes to the position of the products i.e., boiler, pipe work, flue, and any other parts. If you request for the position to be changed after the engineer has completed this will be quoted at an extra cost to you.

Boilers R us will not be reliable for any existing external controls that become faulty after installation.


Boilers R us will register you manufacture guarantee and your building gas safe compliance certificate. The customer is responsible to keep all documents safe including the boiler booklet. If you need further copies, please contact the manufacture directly for the warranty and gas safe for the building compliance certificate.

Breakdown / Repairs

Boilers R us will inform every customer that a diagnostic fee applies when booking a breakdown appointment. The engineer will attend and form a report back to the office on any follow up works that are required. The diagnostic fee is then due on completion on the 1st visit. Any follow up works accepted the diagnostic fee will be deducted off the quotation. If you do not procced with the follow up works or want a second opinion, then the diagnostic fee is still chargeable. The customer has 28 days to make payment or a late payment fee of £25 will be added, after 30 days Boilers R us will forward your details to our Legal department and further action will be taken. 

Boilers R us will provide your quotation from the recommended work by the engineer who attended your appointment. Boiler R us cannot guarantee that when carrying out a repair this may not correct the fault. In some cases, depending on the age of the boiler further parts can be required. Boilers R us will not be liable for any repairs that require further parts or labour. Parts and materials if delayed by the supplier and causing your appointment to be rescheduled will not reduce the cost of the work or be compensated. BoilersRus do their best to attend your allocated scheduled appointment time, however on some occasions with notice the engineer can be delayed due to emergencies or a job that’s over run. BoilersRus make scheduled appointment to keep the engineer in certain areas throughout his day, if the engineer arrives at the property and no one is home to let the engineer gain access to the property then a charge for the time and petrol will be due on demand of £25.00. The person at the property must be at least 18 years of age.

Servicing / LLGs

The customer is responsible to schedule their boiler annual service. If you have a booked appointment for your service and we experience high demand for emergency breakdowns, BoilersRus will priories the customer who is without heating or hot water. BoilersRus will schedule your appointment to your next convenient date. Deduction will not apply on the price if your booking must be changed. Please inform the office if you require a clean on your magnetic filter (this is not mandatory on every service), if you have not informed the office and your request the engineer to return to carry this out then this will be chargeable. BoilersRus employee highly trained gas safe engineers when carry out a service the engineer can recommend follow on works that maybe causing your boiler or heating system to be at risk, all further works are chargeable for parts & labour.  As the customer if you do not decide to proceed and your boiler becomes unusable then BoilersRus will not return on a free visit.  As the customer if you are not satisfied with the service you have received, please inform the office straight away to discuss.  Servicing is not guaranteed to make your boiler work for the next 12 months until your next service is due, please be aware that boilers can suddenly experience many faults even after a service, BoilersRus will not be held responsible for further works that maybe required after a service and if a fault has occurred. BoilersRus make scheduled appointment to keep the engineer in certain areas throughout their day, if the engineer arrives at the property and no one is home to let the engineer gain access to the property then a charge for the time and petrol will be due on demand of £25.00. If the engineer is unable to remove the Boiler casing due to boxing in or a new kitchen has been fitted, then it is the customers responsibility to get this removed so the engineer can gain access. Servicing does not come with a guarantee if any issues caused with pressure loss or increasing etc since the service BoilersRus will not be liable. If you require an engineer to return this will be chargeable.

Complaint Procedure

BoilersRus request that all complaints must be put in writing and send either by email to [email protected] or by post to BoilersRus 126 Bellegrove road Welling DA16 3QR. All complaints will be responded to in writing and the customer is to allow 5 working days for a response.


BoilersRus advertise various offers throughout the year to new and existing customers. Offers of discount will not be applied after any work is carried out and the quotation has been accepted. Any job schedule BoilersRus must be informed of any offers you have noticed and when making an appointment if you have received an offer, please inform the office staff to make note on your booking for the engineer.

Telephone Recording

All calls may be recorded for monitoring and training purposes.