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Thermostatic Radiator Valves

ambiSENSE smart thermostatic radiator valve

Room by room temperature control using an App

  • Create profiles for each room in your home for easy temperature control
  • Digital screen on the valves displays the set temperature
  • Single valves are available to expand your ambiSENSE system throughout the home
  • Utilises the new VRC 700 app
  • Valves can also be controlled manually

A smart TRV system that allows you to individually control the temperature of each room in your home from your tablet or smartphone.

The valves control the temperature of the room by regulating the flow of hot water through the radiator.

Worcester Smart TRV201s controls precise temperature control in each room via the EasyControl unit and app. Smart TRV201s can be purchased individually or in a EasyControl TRV set, which includes a Bosch EasyControl TRV set, which includes a Bosch EasyControl (available in black or white) and three Smart TRVs.

General Accessories


Our CondeneSure has been designed to allow a more flexible approach to boiler siting and enable condensate discharge pipes to be installed externally when an internal route is not practical. The accessory does not use any power consumption or have any moving parts and mean you do not need to insulate any pipework – making it easy to install.

  • Extensively tested at -15 degrees for a sustained period of 48 hours.
  • Zero running costs as no electrical wiring connection or supply needed.
  • Can be attached directly onto 22mm heating flow pipework and uses ‘free’ energy from the pipe to heat the condensate.

Greenstar System Filter 22mm & 28mm overview

Our new Greenstar System Filter has been designed to combat the damaging effects of system debris and pollutants, allowing homeowners to protect their boiler or heat pump for a fraction of its cost.

The accessory has a high powered internal magnet that can capture up to 300g (22mm) or 500g (28mm) of magnetic debris.

  • Drainage point at the bottom for ease of access during servicing and powerflushing
  • One-way valve for ease of service and powerflushing

Flue Gas Heat Recovery Unit Overview

Our Greenstar Xtra is a compact, environmentally friendly and cost effective method of achieving SAP target emission rates. The unit is connected directly to the flue of the Greenstar boiler. Its highly efficient plate heat exchanger extracts residual energy from the flue gases exiting from the boiler. This energy is then used to prewarm the water that is fed into the combi boiler reducing the amount of gas required to reach the desired hot water temperature.

The Greenstar Xtra incorporates a compact design to assist installation flexibility. The unit’s optimised height clearances offer greater siting options when installed with one of our gas combi boilers.

SpiroTrap Magnetic Filter

In untreated systems, dirt can accumulate in multiple places throughout the system. Studies and practical experience show that magnetite in particular, leads to greatly reduced energy efficiency and therefore higher energy costs. Ensuring quick and efficient dirt removal is essential. Spirotech offers an extensive range of SpiroTrap dirt separators from small brass solutions to heavy duty steel units, especially designed for the removal of dirt.

Inline Scale Reducer

The in-line Fernox Electrolytic Scale Reducer range uses electrolytic principles to prevent the build-up of scale throughout the home, and remains effective for up to 10 years, dependent on water usage. It works by altering the structure of the hardness salts, inducing coagulation and providing benefits to a range of appliances from kettles to showers and boilers offering whole house protection against scale.

Aquabion 15mm Conditioner

The Aquabion uses a galvanic and electrolytic solution which is combined with our patented self-cleaning agitators. This means that the tiny amounts of zinc ions that are released react with the calcite ions to create non-adhering lime.

Specific swirling chambers using specially formed swirling elements made of stainless steel support the principle and the self-cleaning effect

SureStop – protecting property from the risk of water damage

Ideal if the existing stopcock in the property is in an accessible location, but has become seized up over time and needs replacing to one that is more modern and is resistant to limescale build up. The Surestop Stopcock uses a simple lockdown

Monarch Water Softener

The installation of your water softener will bring immediate benefits to both you and your water system. As soon as you turn on the tap, you will feel the luxury of soft water. Monarch water softeners that we stock are meter controlled, with the added features of a clock and their unique Self Protect Programme (SPP). They measure the water used and regenerate to individual household requirements. The intelligent chip and the clock ensures there is enough soft water available to delay the regeneration until 2am.  All models are supplied with an installation kit and flexible hoses to suit traditional plumbing systems, i.e. storage tanks in roof.

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